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Side-by-side 35 mm and 65 mm images reveal a dramatic difference

16 May 2017 2:21 PM | Peter Parnham (Administrator)

The difference in the way that 35 mm lenses and 65 mm lenses look was highlighted at an NZCS lens event hosted by NZCS silver sponsors Imagezone in early May.

A good number of NZCS members and friends watched footage from the new Leica Thalia lenses which cover the large image circle of the Alexa 65, leaving a generous margin to cover the new Red Vista Vision size sensors.

Rainer Hercher from Germany and Osamu Tsukada from Japan represented CW Sonderoptics, the makers of Leica cine lenses. They arrived in New Zealand after attending NAB 2017.

Side by side comparison of 35 mm and 65 mm footage with a similar field of view highlighted the difference in look between the formats, in particular the more noticeable focus drop off on the larger sensor footage, thanks to the longer focal lengths required for the equivalent field of view. 

Hercher says the new range of Thalia lenses share the same skin texture as the Summilux series of  lenses and hark back to vintage designs with a slight focus plane curve which makes the image pop because it is more consistent with the way the humans vision works. 

A dramatic defining characteristic is the circular iris of the Thalia lenses, which throws circular flares and bokeh, quite different effect from other lenses.   

The lenses are compact for 65 mm lenses, which in this case represents a trade off against high speed.  This is practical thanks to the speed of modern sensors, says the company.   

The highlight of the presentation was a painterly camera test shot by Darius Konji on an Alexa 65 mm that showed off the capabilities of the new lenses.   

The event rounded off with socialising, discussion, and an opportunity to look at new equipment at Imagezone, including newly acquired lens calibration equipment.

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