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Auckland City Lights - Rosco Photo Competition

31 Jul 2018 6:48 PM | Amber Wakefield (Administrator)

This is a chance to see your images on a grand scale as a backdrop to New Zealand’s best Cinematographers. At the 2018 NZCS Cinematography Awards we will continue with the tradition of the Rosco Day/Night Backdrop. This year we are holding a competition for the best series of Day/Night photos.  

It will be judged by Phil Greenstreet (Advanced Backdrop Technologies) , Lizz Vernon (Sydney Photographer) from Rosco and Guy Quartermain and Mark Lappwood from the NZCS. 

The competition requires two photographs from the same locked off position, one taken during the day and one at night so that image can fade from day to night.  The subject is 'Auckland City Lights'. 

In addition to the aesthetics of a good photograph, there should also be emphasis on what makes a good backdrop - it needs to look good (and realistic) through a window, doorway, or other aperture, or behind an actor, without stealing the scene. The photos must be a minimum of 30 megapixel resolution.

The winner will receive two free tickets to the Awards and sit at the Rosco table.

NZCS and Rosco reserves the right to use the photos as they see fit and the judge’s decision is final.  

The competition closes on the 10th September 2018.

Email your entries here

Competition for NZCS members only.

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