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REVIEW: Phantom VEO 4k Light

19 Jul 2019 10:21 AM | Amber Wakefield (Administrator)

OD (Offshoot Digital) provided an interactive and interesting evening at PLS earlier this week with their new light weight Phantom, the VEO 4k.

Bringing the high imaging standards of the Phantom Flex 4K to a portable and rugged body style, the VEO can shoot up to 1000 FPS in 4K resolution and 1900 FPS in 2K. The compact body increases the flexibility of use and opens up opportunities currently difficult with the Flex 4K. Applications such as gimbals, drones and under water housings are made possible by the small form factor, reduced weight (2.5KG body only) and lower power draw of this new camera.

The picture quality is still world leading for a high speed camera. The VEO boasts the same 4K sensor, Codec and CineRAW format as its bigger brother. It comes with global shutter, 12+ stops of dynamic range and PL or EF lens mounts.

There are some quirks with this camera and if you are used to working with the Flex 4K it may take a little adjusting to. The VEO has moved away from the CineMag workflow in favor of CF cards or direct to DIT (via ethernet cable) resulting in changes to the way you off load clips, e.g. longer transfer times or requiring a cable to connect camera and laptop.

The VEO does offer something different to the Flex 4K and while not a direct replacement it opens up some opportunities not before possible.

The VEO comes at a slightly lower price point and is simple enough for use on a small production.  For newcomers to high-speed shooting, and the Phantom family, this camera is more accessible than its predecessors.

Author: Drew Sturge, NZCS Committee member

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