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NZCS Awards Terms

Entry Process

  1. Entrants should begin by registering online and paying the required fee by credit or debit card. 
  2. Each production that is entered by a cinematographer should be registered as a separate entry. 
  3. Media files must be uploaded to the link provided, or submitted on a USB or HDD to NZCS Awards c/- Department of Post. 
  4. To be eligible for the awards, registration, media submission form, and media files must all be received no later than the closing date for entries - 6 August 2019. 
  5. If you want USB or HDD media returned, include a suitable pre-paid, self addressed courier pack with your media submission.

Entry quality requirments:

  1. Always submit the highest quality file and media for every entry so they can be judged accuratley and winner's work screened in the best possible form at the Awards. Poor quality entries impede the ability to accuratley judge the work, whihc may results in the disqualification of your entry, and if this is the case, entry fees are non-refundable.

Entrant eligibility

  1. The NZCS Awards are open to paid-up members of NZCS. All categories of individual NZCS membership are eligible. If you are not a member you may join and enter.

Production eligibility

  1. Entries must have been first released or exhibited within two years prior to the closing date of entries. 
  2. Productions entered in previous NZCS awards will not be accepted however an entry may have been entered in other competitions or awards.
  3. An entrant may enter more than one production as separate entries. See also the Series subheading below. 
  4. A production or episode can only be entered once, except for entries in the Specialised Cinematography category, where the main production may also be entered.


  1. Awards are made to individual episodes of a series or individual segments of news and current affairs programmes. 
  2. Each cinematographer is eligible to enter only one episode from a season. 
  3. Two or more cinematographers may enter separate episodes from a season.


  1. Student category entrants must have been enrolled in a recognised film course at the time of filming their entry.
  2. If they are no longer a full-time student and enter any other category they are not eligible to enter the student category.

Distribution channels

  1. The entry may have been released via cinemas, free to air television, subscription services, film festivals, events, DVD, or on the web. 
  2. However, entries in the category Telefeatures must not have had a theatrical release and feature Films must have had theatrical release.

Principal cinematographer

  1. Joint entries are not accepted. If an entry has more than one cinematographer the entrant must be the principal director of photography with overall responsibility for the visual content and lighting of the entry.  
  2. Where an entry is a series episode, entered in Specialised Cinematography, or entered in the News and Current Affairs category, the cinematographer may be working within an overall look and style set by another director of photography. However the entrant must be responsible for the visual content and lighting of the entry. 

Identifying work 

  1. Where an entry includes cinematography by other people, the media submission must give their names and describe the extent of their role and work.   
  2. Computer-generated images (CGI) or CGI enhancement in the entry must be clearly described and identified on the media submission form. 


  1. Entrant's names and the title of their entry are published in the event programme and may be otherwise publicised unless the entrant opts for privacy during the registration process.  
  2. By entering the NZCS Awards you agree that publicity clips of your entry may be shown at the event and in publicity and that if you win an award your name and photo may be publicised, (even if you opted for privacy during registration).
  3. Photographs of the NZCS Awards events may include attendees and guests and may be published and used for publicity purposes.  


  1. The organisers may combine categories to facilitate smooth running of the awards. 
  2. Organisers have the right to decline an entry at their discretion, without giving reasons. In this case entry fee will be refunded.
  3. Organisers may reclassify an entry to a more appropriate category. In this case the entrant will be advised by email, and given an opportunity to accept the change or withdraw. Entry fees may be adjusted, but no refunds will be made.
  4. NZCS may, at its discretion, nominate a member's work for entry in the awards.
  5. A judging panel will judge the entries according to the NZCS Judging Guidelines. 
  6. To manage potential conflict of interest, judges will not judge categories in which they have entries, and judges make their assessment independently of each other.
  7. By entering the competition the entrant agrees that they have the necessary permissions from the works' owners and rights holders to: enter the competition, exhibit the work to the judges, exhibit nominated short excerpts for display at the awards event and associated publicity. 
  8. NZCS will take due care but will accept no responsibility for the loss, theft, or damage to an entry. Media is handled and processed by a recognized professional post production house. NZCS does not directly accept or handle media. Insurance of the entry is the entrants responsibility.  

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