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NZCS Camera Pathways program


Camera Pathways is a way of finding camera department trainees from a pool of new entrants who are committed to a career in camera.  New entrants are recommended by film schools or apply to join the programme, and as they gain experience, they build a list of referees.  We hope that this programme will help even up the gender balance and diversity of the New Zealand Camera community. 

If you are looking for camera help consult the directory of Camera Pathways trainees looking for work, and you may contact the referees to help you choose who to offer the position to.  

The Camera Trainee pool

  • If you are a camera assistant, director of photography, production manager, or anyone else looking for camera crew volunteers, trainees, or entry-level crew, you no longer have to wade through half remembered, unsolicited CVs, or wonder how to find someone to help.
  • Now you can search the Camera Pathways directory for suitable talent in your area and quickly and easily give the most likely candidate a call, and call their referees for a background check.
  • If you do engage a volunteer to help with your project in return you can agree to act as a referee for them – so long as you are comfortable. You can feel free to give an honest opinion.
  • People starting out don't necessarily have cinematographers or ACs as referees. Please give them a chance too. 


Despite the ease with which somebody can get a camera and begin to shoot, it has never been harder to get a foothold in the camera department in the professional screen industry, particularly for women and minorities. Film school graduates are often left wondering ‘where to next?’ as they struggle to get into the freelance industry.

The NZCS Camera Pathways has been set up to provide the answer. The program helps launch the careers of the best new camera talent, whatever their gender or ethnic background.  

The Camera Pathways program is just one way that NZCS fulfils its aim of fostering and strengthening cinematography in New Zealand, and over time will rebalance the mix of gender and ethnic backgrounds of our image makers. It is part of a wider program NZCS is developing to offer profession development to camera people through their career.

What you see today of Camera Pathways program  grew out of the pilot programme started by Kevin Riley in 2015 and we are grateful to him for the extraordinary work he has put into developing the concept.  

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