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How to get in

  • Participating film schools identify their best camera talent from among the graduating students and nominate them for the student category of the NZCS Awards and for Camera Pathways program.
  • Other appropriately qualified people may also apply to NZCS directly.

Application process

  1. Read all the camera pathways pages and familiar yourself with the Camera Pathways programme. 
  2. Email expressing your interest and attaching your CV.
  3. You will be sent a login and link to create a profile and apply.
  4. Await confirmation - we may call you or ask to meet with you.
  5. If you are approved check your profile privacy settings especially to publicly display your mobile number.
  6. Begin gathering referees and update your referees and recent experience in your profile. Continue to look for work by other means. 
  7. Your participation will be reviewed every quarter to see if you are ready to move to freelancing and an associated membership. Some of our sponsors have agreed to sponsor this next step for suitable candidates.
  8. Get yourself a crew agent. 

What a Camera Pathways trainee has to do

  • Participants in the Camera Pathways program are given sponsored student/trainee membership of NZCS.
  • The Camera Pathways trainee enters their contact information, a short bio, a list of up to three referees, and a list of recent experience into their NZCS member profile which is displayed publicly on the NZCS website under the Camera Pathways directory page.
  • The key objective of trainees is to volunteer for unpaid work experience that will help them develop and refresh a list of referees who can easily be contacted prior to the next volunteer job and help land a paid job or trainee position.

Prices include GST
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