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Things you should know

Camera Pathways programme participants

  • Camera Pathways programme participants agree that the detail they supply may be shared with NZCS members and that many details will be publicly available on this website. 
  • Participants may adjust their privacy settings by editing their profile. (To edit your profile click your name on top right of screen when you are logged in).
  • Participants are a special category of student member and agree to abide by the rules of NZCS. 
  • Participants are responsible for getting permission to list referee's name, and permission to list their phone number. 

Camera Pathways Programme

  • NZCS Camera Pathways programme doesn’t endorse or recommend particular film schools, film schools are invited to participate in NZCS as members because they have a cinematography element to their course.
  • NZCS has either had camera pathways participants recommended to them, or checked out their application. This does not include any sort of skill checks or background checks, NZCS not responsible for any aspect of the engagement relationship or performance of the Camera Pathways participant.
  • NZCS Camera Pathways doesn’t create work experience, trainee positions, or any other kind of jobs. Any engagement relationship is between the production or employer and the Camera Pathways participant.
  • NZCS Camera Pathways is not the only way into the industry or the camera department, and it is important for you to use as many avenues as possible to get your start in the industry, including starting in other roles and later shifting to camera.


  • You can help a student, unpaid volunteer or someone you know personally get a start by acting as their referee. The conventions are the same as any person looking for a job, particularly at the start of their career:
  • The job-seeker must ask your permission to list you as a referee, and if you don’t have a high opinion of a the job-seeker, you can politely decline. If you have been listed without your permission please advise NZCS.
  • Acting as a referee simply means you may get an occasional call, where you are asked how well you know them, and your opinion. When someone is just starting you may have had a brief encounter with them and that’s OK, so long as you are upfront about it. As they gain experience you will be replaced by referees who know them better
  • Common-law qualified privilege applies to employment reference checks and referee consultations meaning that you can give an honest opinion without worrying about defamation. (
  • We want NZCS members to take the lead in the Camera Pathways program. However you do not have to be a member to participate or to act as a referee. NZCS members will see more contact details of the members profile and may send them messages via the website.

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