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List of Camera Pathways participants who are looking for work

This page lists people that are beginning their camera careers and are looking for work in the camera department as volunteers, as trainees, or in an entry-level position. Click an entry to see more details, (NZCS members will see more detail).  As they get started you may see up to three examples of their most recent experience, and up to three referees you can quickly call for reference. 

Results listed by City, name.

  • The Camera Pathways participant must ask a referee's permission to list them, and also permission to list their phone number.  Referees don't have to be an NZCS member.
  • If the referee did not want their phone number listed, text the trainee and ask for it, look on the referee's website, Facebook, or log in to your NZCS account and look in the  member directory, or email

Prices include GST
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