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NZCS Accreditation overview

NZCS accreditation represents the highest level of achievement within NZCS and cinematography in general. NZCS accredited members are senior figures in New Zealand’s camera community.

  • NZCS accreditation means recognition by peers as a master cinematographer with a substantive body of work that reaches a consistently high, world class standard.
  • NZCS accredited members must have been a NZCS full member for a minimum of three years. Prior to this they must have been a professional cinematographer for five years or more to gain NZCS full membership. Building a body of work that reaches accreditation standards usually takes considerably longer.
  • NZCS accreditation is not easily achieved and full members may apply more than once before gaining accreditation.
  • NZCS accreditation recognises professional accomplishment within the field or genre in which you work.
  • Accredited members are the only people who are allowed to use the letters NZCS after their name.

The letters NZCS after your name is seen locally and internationally as recognition of your skills and experience. With such recognition comes responsibilities. An accredited member represents NZCS wherever they are in the world and continues to strive for the very highest level of practice and craft. They are expected to participate within NZCS and contribute to the society, passing on their knowledge and experience to upcoming cinematographers.

Evaluation of applications

Each application for accreditation is considered at length by the NZCS Accreditation Committee. NZCS accreditation is not a competition and each application is judged on its own merits.

To qualify for NZCS accreditation your body of work must demonstrate a high degree of professional competence and skills. These skills include craft skills and directing a camera crew. However, NZCS accreditation requires more than professional competence and experience. It requires a high degree of creativity and contribution to storytelling that reaches a consistently high international standard across a variety of productions and challenges within your field of expertise. A cinematographer who reaches accreditation standard is likely to be winning NZCS or ACS Awards.

Accreditation committee

The accreditation committee consists of a minimum of five accredited members who evaluate accreditation applications according to the written procedures. The NZCS board awards accreditation on the recommendation of the accreditation committee.


You must meet the following criteria for your application to be considered:

  • You must be currently active as a director of photography and not retired.
  • You must have been a full member of the NZCS for at least three years, be in good standing and support the aims of NZCS.
  • The NZCS accreditation is intended for individuals who are either citizens of New Zealand, currently reside in the country, or have a strong affiliation with New Zealand.


Applications are called for annually with accreditation certificates presented at the New Zealand Cinematography Awards. The evaluation process is separate from the New Zealand Cinematography Awards.

NZCS Accreditation Committee may suggest the applicant re-applies after further developing their body of work. If the applicant reapplies within two years a second application fee will not be required.

Honorary Accreditation

On the recommendation of the accreditation committee, in rare cases, NZCS may award honorary accreditation to a cinematographer whose body of work and reputation is well known and speaks for itself. In this case there is no need for the cinematographer to submit an application. Once awarded, there is no difference between an honorary accreditation and any other accreditation.

Accreditation Committee 2023

Murray Milne NZCS (Chair), Denson Baker NZCS ACS, Sigi Spath NZCS, David Paul NZCS, James Cowley NZCS, Maria Ines Manchego and Richard Bluck NZCS. This years committee, is being formed now over the month of May 2024.

How to apply for NZCS accreditation

Guide to applying for NZCS accreditation.

If you have any questions about the application process, or you would like to discuss the process prior to making an application, email

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