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Accreditation overview

Accreditation represents the highest level of achievement within NZCS and New Zealand cinematography.

NZCS accreditation is built on three principles:

  • Peer recognition that you are a master of the cinematography craft 
  • Skill recognition irrespective of the field, format or genre in which you work
  • Full members of NZCS are eligible after a qualifying period of three years

You may apply for accreditation at any time, but the applications for a particular year close on 31st May with accreditation awarded at the following New Zealand Cinematography Awards on October. The judging process is completely separate from the New Zealand Cinematography Awards.

To be eligible for accreditation you must have been a full member of NZCS for a minimum of three years, although a building body of work that reaches accreditation standards usually takes considerably longer than this. 

When a cinematographer becomes NZCS Accredited they are allowed to use the letters NZCS after their name. This provides recognition of the highest level of skill locally and internationally.

With such recognition comes responsibilities. Accredited members represent their society wherever they are in the world, and continue to strive for the very highest level of practice and craft. They are expected to participate within their society where ever possible, on committees, through seminars, demonstrations and other society events.

There are three ways to achieve NZCS accreditation:

  • By Application
  • By Nomination
  • By Invitation


After three years of full membership candidates may apply for accreditation. The application must be accompanied by letters of endorsement from two NZCS accredited members. Only one endorsement may be from an accreditation committee member. Search the member directory or email if you require contact details for any of the accredited members.


The Accreditation Committee may nominate someone who has been a full member for three or more years. The nominated member must still submit a full application along with the letter of nomination from the Accreditation committee and the requisite fee.


On the recommendation of the accreditation committee, NZCS may award accreditation to cinematographer whose body of work and reputation is well known. In this case there is no need for the cinematographer to submit an application. Applications by nomination and / or invitation will be limited to a maximum of two per year.

Accreditation Committee

Simon Riera NZCS (chair)

John Blick NZCS

Murray Milne NZCS

Dale McCready NZCS

Denson Baker NZCS

Accreditation requirements

The criteria for application and nomination are:

  • The applicant must be endorsed by two existing Accredited members within the society or nominated to apply by the Accreditation committee.
  • The applicant must ordinarily be a New Zealand or an Australian citizen
  • The applicant must be currently employed as a Director of Photography and not retired
  • The applicant must have been a full member of the NZCS for a minimum of three years and be in good standing
  • The applicant must be over 21 years old

Full members who consider they fulfill these requirements may apply for NZCS Accreditation by downloading the application form and emailing the completed form and supporting documents to

If you have any questions about the application process, or you would like to discuss the process prior to making a formal application, email


Accreditation Guidelines PDF

Apply online

Application Form PDF

Application Form DOCX

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