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The benefits of corporate membership

Corporate membership is open to companies, education providers and other organisations who are associated with the screen industry.

Sponsorship opportunities

NZCS sponsorship is a proven way of reaching the camera and post production community in New Zealand. NZCS sponsorship positions your organisation in the camera and post community.

There are a number of sponsorship opportunities available, including the NZCS Awards, and they are available exclusively to NZCS members.

Member to member invitations

As a corporate member you can invite members and NZCS friends to your own selected events. We have a significant, highly targeted database of members and friends of NZCS which reaches influential people in the camera and post production community, as well as film schools and other corporates. This information is not sold or given to third parties. However, we can email NZCS members and friends on your behalf inviting them – as one member to another - to your event.

Hosting NZCS events

Corporate members are offered opportunities to host suitable NZCS events, which can be a very effective way to get potential customers to your premises. Corporate members may also propose NZCS events. (Naturally, corporate members who have taken sponsorship are given priority).  

Event attendance for staff and guests

Corporate membership is associated with an individual with an additional individual included at no charge (these memberships are transferable within your organisation). Corporate membership allows you to bring guests to NZCS events at the member rate, which is often free. This can be a powerful way to engage with clients.


NZCS corporate membership shows a commitment to the New Zealand camera and post production market. If you are new to the New Zealand market this suggests a real commitment which helps influence your clients. If you are already operating in the New Zealand market it shows you are putting something back into the community - a powerful positioning statement for your brand. Both these effects are amplified by NZCS sponsorship.

Belonging to the camera community

Professional cinematographers and camera people from all fields of television, on-line, and film productions become members of NZCS because they want to be part of their professional association and support the art and craft of cinematography. Secondly, they deeply value the opportunity to interact with other colleagues from within their camera community.

This is just as true for corporate members as individuals members.

How to join as a corporate member

New Zealand corporates

Go to the Join page on this site,  select corporate membership and pay by Visa. Mastercard or PayPal.  (You do not need a PayPal account).  If you need to be invoiced for your membership fee contact info@nzcine.com. 

Overseas corporates

If you are an overseas company contact  info@nzcine.com and we will set up your membership without Good and Services Tax (15 % GST).

Additional member

If you want to add an additional corporate member at no charge  contact info@nzcine.com with the individual's name and email address.

NZCS Platinum Sponsors

NZCS Gold Sponsors

NZCS Awards Silver Sponsors

NZCS Awards Bronze Sponsors

NZCS Awards additional in-kind sponsors


NZCS other corporate members

Ariel Camera Limited
CR Kennedy NZ Ltd
Halcyon Digital
Rubber Monkey
Gencom Technology
Boxfish Robotics

Prices include GST
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