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We ask ourselves, what does it take to be a cinematographer?

A cinematographer is a person who stands behind a camera and is patient and loyal and understanding of actors, directors and producers. As a key person on set, you deal with everything to do with the visual language of the film or television series or moving picture.

The New Zealand Cinematographers Society was established to foster the profession of cinematography. A key component of that is professional development. In 2019 the NZCS committed to launching a series of Masterclasses and Workshops, to offer our members ways of furthering their development, across a variety of stages in their career. 

NZCS collaborate with the Hurlbut Academy

Message from Shane Hurlbut ASC:

In January of 2020, I had the pleasure to work alongside some of the most passionate, loving, caring, and immensely talented filmmakers on a commercial that was shooting in Auckland, NZ. The love and excitement of creating was evident in every New Zealand filmmaker that I met.

After discussions with Murray Milne NZCS, Donny Duncan NZCS, Amber Wakefield, and others, we brainstormed ways to give back during this very difficult time in our world. We have figured out a way for the NZSC and the Hurlbut Academy to collaborate by opening up our ALL ACCESS membership to the society for one year, until April 2021. As we continue to battle this pandemic, we want you to continue to push yourself out of your artistic comfort zones. 

After the dark ages of the Black Plague came the Renaissance period where artists reinvented how they painted, how they sculpted, how they constructed; how they viewed the the world had been changed forever. How are you going to change the channel?

Wishing you and your families continued health,

Shane Hurlbut, ASC

Note: Free Access has now expired, but many thanks to Shane for this amazing gesture in 2020.

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