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Cinematographer members

To qualify for cinematographer membership you must have been an active professional cinematographer for at least five years. That is, to say cinematography has been your main role and focus for at least five years. Your career may be in any field of cinematography or genre, and may be with small or large crews so long you were the director of photography responsible for lighting, look, composition and shooting process.  We do not evaluate your body of work itself, only that you have been in this role. Applications for cinematography membership are reviewed by the committee prior to acceptance. To support this process, you will be asked to email your resume or credit list to us. If you are offered an associate membership as an alternative, excess fees will be refunded.  A great option is to start as an associate member and upgrade to full membership as your career develops.

If considering NZCS Accreditation, a person must have been a professional Cinematographer for 8 years or longer including at least the last 3 years as a Cinematographer Member of the NZCS. This is the only path into Accreditation. Student or Associate Members may NOT apply for Accreditation regardless of the number of years of NZCS membership nor their body of work.

Associate membership

An Associate member is a person who is either a cinematographer who does not meet the criteria of full membership, or any other person working in an allied craft such as camera operators, camera assistants, lighting, grips, colourists and editors.

Student member

A student member is a person who meets the criteria for associate membership and is also a full-time or near full-time student who is actively engaged and has a keen interest in cinematography. Student membership expires six months after the student’s courses finish. 

Accredited member

Is a person who has been a professional Cinematographer in any field for a minimum of 8 years including at least the last 3 years as an NZCS Cinematographer member. They have applied for Accreditation and an NZCS Accreditation Committee has deemed their work to be of a high enough standard to use the letters NZCS after their name. These letters are reserved exclusively for those whom the Committee has bestowed this honour.

NZCS accreditation represents the highest level of achievement within NZCS and cinematography in general. NZCS accredited members are senior figures in New Zealand’s camera community. The letters NZCS after your name is seen locally and internationally as recognition of your skills and experience. With such recognition comes responsibilities. An accredited member represents NZCS wherever they are in the world and continues to strive for the very highest level of practice and craft. They are expected to participate within NZCS and contribute to the society, passing on their knowledge and experience to upcoming cinematographers. 

Corporate membership

Corporate membership is offered to Companies and organizations providing services, goods or equipment to the New Zealand Screen Production Industry who share the ideals of NZCS. Corporate members do not have any voting rights within the society. Corporate members are able to be represented at any NZCS event or meeting which is open to the wider membership base. The number of representatives from any one corporate member permitted to attend any NZCS event or meeting shall be limited to 2 unless agreed in writing in advance by the NZCS committee.

Corporate members shall be listed on any website that NZCS may choose to publish under the heading of "Corporate members". Corporate membership does not imply that NZCS and it's members endorse any goods, services or equipment supplied by the corporate member. All corporate members shall provide to the secretary of NZCS, details of a "point of contact person" who is either engaged or employed by the applicant and to whom all communications can be forwarded.

All applications for corporate membership are reviewed by the committee for final approval.

Honorary member

An Honorary Member is a person who is acknowledged by the committee as providing or having provided important services to the Society or the Society’s objectives. An Honorary Member has none of the rights or privileges of a Member and is not liable for membership fees.

Life member

A Life Member is a person who is acknowledged by the society as a longstanding Member of the Society. A Life Member has all the rights and responsibilities of a Member (including the right to vote). A Life Member is not liable for membership fees.

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