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REMINDER:MASTERCLASS: Camera Trainee and 2nd Assistant Camera - Auckland, 5 Nov. Applications close Monday 24th Oct.

17 Oct 2022 2:15 PM | Amber Wakefield (Administrator)

The NZCS is pleased to announce an intensive one-day Trainee and 2nd Assistant camera Masterclass in Auckland on Saturday, 5th November

Michael has designed an introductory course to the Trainee and 2nd AC role, that he wishes had been available when he first started his career. This will be the third AC workshop Michael has tutored for the NZCS.

The agenda will include:

· networking

· set étiquette

· over-view of Camera Dept positions and responsibilities

· teamwork basics

· AC kit run-down

· rental house liason

· practical demonstrations of equipment and usage

· prepping/building a camera kit

· testing and working with cine lenses

· role of the 2nd AC

· gear management demos

· marking actors

The NZCS has identified that there is a current skill shortage of trainees and experienced 2nd AC’s ready to step into roles on high pressure film sets. This course is aimed at those film school graduates and camera trainees moving into the 2nd AC role, who want to fine-tune their professional attitude, learn tips and tricks and gain the confidence to step up to the plate on a fast moving set.

While it takes a lot longer than a one-day course to hone these skills, the hope is that attendees with a strong desire to do well in this field will become inspired by the course and will be encouraged to seek further experience, other learning opportunities and mentorships with obliging DPs.

The event will be held at a camera rental house and experienced AC’s will be on hand to supervise building cameras during practical sessions, and to add their perspective to the proceedings.

We are looking for attendees whose goal is to work as 2nd Assistant Camera on various levels of productions before moving up the ranks. If you are a camera operator wanting to learn more about working with an AC, then this is probably not the course for you.

The workshop will be restricted to 12 attendees only, so that numbers are manageable, and everyone gets quality hands-on time with the gear.

Potential applicants will need to send a short e-mail with a CV and contact details listing their current experience, and a brief one-page summary of why they feel this course will benefit their career progression and what they hope to achieve from it.

Please email pd@nzcine.com by 5.00pm Monday 24th October if you wish to be considered for a place on the course, and we will confirm positions by 5.00pm Wednesday 26th October and provide registration details to those who are accepted.

This one-day master class costs:
$75 for NZCS members, and $125 for non-members

Note: You can join the NZCS as student or associate member by going to our website here.

Lunch and short breaks will be provided. Details of venue upon registration.

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