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NZCS Seeking Partnerships with Production Companies for Camera Intern Placements

01 Feb 2024 7:57 AM | Amber Wakefield (Administrator)

Bailey Mitchinson, NZCS camera trainee on 'The Power of the Dog' (Credit: Nick Willoughby)

The NZCS recently received an additional grant from the New Zealand Film Commission Strategic Training Program to subsidise paid interns from under-represented groups on productions, for placements from 3 to 5 weeks in duration. 

We are actively seeking partnerships with production companies and cinematographers who would like to be part of this program and offer positions on their upcoming shows. Our existing Gender Diversity program, over the past three years, has seen 20 women placed on films for a total of 300 days of on-set experience in either camera trainee roles or observational mid-career DP roles.

This year we have launched a tandem pilot program to accommodate other groups under-represented in camera , based on ethnicity, disability or neuro-diversity (regardless of gender).

If you are a producer and would like more information on how to support this program by offering subsidised placements, please contact the NZCS Professional Development Manager Donny Duncan on pd@nzcine.com.  

If you are interested in applying for a camera trainee or DP intern position, please look out for e-mail announcements from the NZCS when we have some positions lined up. We are currently in negotiation for several upcoming traineeships and will be calling for applications shortly. We hope to offer around 8 positions between now and June 2024.   

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